Research Offerings

Comprehensive Market Research

Request a customized research plan to provide you with insights into your customers’ wants and needs, expectations, and potential gaps in the marketplace that can give you a competitive advantage. This project may include the following: development of customer surveys, collection of phone surveys with customers, target customers or referral partners, on-site ethnographic research using an observational approach, local market data collection, competitive analysis, and a comprehensive report of data findings and recommendations.
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Qualitative Customer Research

Using an ethnographic approach, qualitative data is collected through segmentation of age, ethnicity, and region to analyze customer cultural nuances within homebuyers. A report is provided with the description of each segment including: demographics, purchasing trends, key motivators and values, behavioral characteristics, influencers, success factors, and pain points. Segments include: Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Hispanic/Latino, Latino Millennials, Asian American, African American, and Single Women. Other segments available upon request.

Price: $1,950 including eight customer profiles

Quantitative Local Market Research

Collecting quantitative data in identified local markets, a report is provided with an overview of each market with key demographic trends, homeownership trends, heat maps, and other relevant community characteristics.

Price: $299 per community profile

Email us with information about your needs and interest, and we will provide you with our input and custom proposal if we see fit.


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