Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Cultural Outreach offers a bureau of highly skilled speakers and industry thought leaders to lead your next event. Browse our below speakers and primary topics, and request more information by emailing [email protected]

Length of Presentations: Presentations may range from short segments to day-long workshops. Typical presentations are 1-2 hours.

What’s Included: All presentations include a Powerpoint, promotional flyer, promotional social media post, and handout (or workbook for workshops). 

Booking Inquiries: For all booking requests and more information, contact [email protected] or call 918-324-6271.

Book Kristin Messerli for a Conference or Company Event

Kristin Messerli is a nationally renowned speaker on the topic of business growth through social impact. She is the founder of Cultural Outreach and Managing Editor for Mortgage Women Magazine. Kristin has spoken at over 100 conferences, including the Mortgage Bankers Association, the American Bar Association, and Harvard Business School.

Expertise/Topics: Recruiting and Promoting Women, Reaching Millennial Homebuyers, Multicultural Marketing, Social Media Essentials & Trends

Upcoming Events:

Jan 18 Los Angeles: PrimeLending
Jan 19 Portland, OR: WFG Title
Jan 29 San Francisco, CA: National MI
Feb 7 Tacoma, WA: PNW
Feb 12-13 San Francisco: CalyxVision
Feb 15 Washington DC: WashingtonFirst
Mar 6 Washington DC: PRM
Mar 7-8 
Orlando, FL: WFG (Spark)

Book Angie Lee for a Conference or Company Event

Angie Lee is the Managing Partner for Cultural Outreach’s consulting division, leading clients in real estate and mortgage to access diverse markets. Angie is formerly the President of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA).

Expertise/Topics: Reaching Asian American Borrowers, Global Strategies in Real Estate, Multicultural Marketing

Upcoming Events:

Jan 18 Los Angeles: PrimeLending
Jan 19 Portland, OR: WFG Title
Jan 29 San Francisco, CA: National MI
Feb 7 Tacoma, WA: PNW
Feb 12-13 San Francisco: CalyxVision
Feb 15 Washington DC: WashingtonFirst
Mar 6 Washington DC: PRM
Mar 7-8 
Orlando, FL: WFG (Spark)

Featured Topics

Millennials currently account for one in three home purchases and they are expected to increase their marketshare significantly over the next year. Millennials present a significant opportunity for service providers and marketers, but they require a specific understanding of marketing and customer service preferences in order to capture their business. In this session, participants will learn:
– Millennial buying behavior and preferences
– How to generate positive customer reviews
– How to build an effective social media strategy
– Developing a social impact strategy that creates brand loyalty and community awareness

Multicultural consumers make up 92% of U.S. population growth, and cross-cultural communication has become the new norm. In this session, participants will learn key strategies to improve customer relationships and sales through cross-cultural communication techniques, including:
– Effective use of an interpreter
– Cultural competence in communication
– Understanding body language cues
– How to leverage technology to improve communication
– Developing long-term relationships in diverse communities

This presentation includes an overview of the immigration experience and acculturation process, an explanation of cultural competence and its significance to immigrant families, and techniques to improve communication and service. This presentation is customized for each of the following industries: Mortgage/Real Estate, Finance, Healthcare, Social Services and Schools

Some of the largest companies in America are building their businesses through sustainable and social investments, and it appears to be the way of the future for every industry. Companies that want to generate growth and maintain their market share long-term must understand how to incorporate social impact strategies into their business model. In this session, participants will learn:
– How to leverage existing charitable giving or volunteer work for greater business objectives
– How to identify the appropriate cause(s) and organizations to support
– How to approach potential community partnerships
– How to authentically and appropriately advertise social impact initiatives
– How to measure impact in both community and business objectives

Today’s workforce is no longer working toward retirement. Millennials seek careers that allow them to have purpose and a larger impact on society, and six in ten Millennials are open to a new job opportunity. Every culture and generation has their own preferences that companies should understand in order to effectively recruit and retain their talent. Participants learn practical strategies to build a strong and diverse team through recruitment and retention techniques and gain a greater understanding of the shift in workforce culture.

More women in leadership means a greater competitive advantage. And yet, most companies are still not seeing meaningful progress in recruiting more women to c-suite positions. According to a recent study by McKinsey & Co. in partnership with Leanin.org, women are still underrepresented at every level of organizations. Women are leading the nation’s purchasing trends and decision-making, particularly in today’s housing market where single women make up one in five home purchases (NAR, 2016). Participants will learn how to recruit more women in leadership positions and cultivate executive talent from women at all levels of their organization.
(Optional: This presentation may be co-presented with Cultural Outreach’s certified integrative wellness coach, Cindy Smith, for tips on women’s wellness in the workplace and its role on leadership)

With expansive buying power and unique consumer habits, beliefs, and perceptions, multicultural consumers are an emerging force vital to understanding. However, preferences in communication and marketing have created unique barriers to reaching them. In this session, participants will learn practical differences in the consumer experience, pertinent cross-cultural communication skills, and actionable strategies to capture these growing market segments.

In this session, participants gain an introduction to how businesses can successfully communicate with today’s consumers through social media and digital communication. Millennials, in particular, have grown up in a “participatory economy”, in which customers are actively engaged with businesses and providers on social media and expect two-way communication. They want to be empowered consumers with access to information and third-party testimonials. Through the course of this presentation, the audience will gain insights into how they can engage with their customers online in an authentic and timely manner, understand the basics of how to navigate the various cultures of leading online platforms, and best practices they can use to improve business online.

Other Cultural Outreach SpeakersBook one of our speakers to provide a 1-2 hour engaging presentation on their area of expertise.

Risha Grant

18+ years experience as a diversity consultant in Tulsa, OK, Founder of DiversityConnex.com, a technology designed to recruit for diverse talent, national speaker and author

Speaking Topic: Permission Granted: 3 Steps to Get Rid of your B.S. (Bias Synapse)

Mikki Hernandez

Mikki has worked in entertainment and production for over five years and currently works as an associate with Cultural Outreach. Her expertise lies in reaching young and diverse markets.

Speaking Topic: Reaching Hispanic and Latino Homebuyers, Recruiting a young and diverse workforce

Ryan Alam

MPA at Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government; Co-Founder and Partner at Terra Limpa, a social enterprise based in Angola and endorsed by Morgan Stanley and Rockefeller Foundation; Chief Technology Officer for the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, Mexican-Pakistani American.

Speaking Topics: Bicultural Millennials, Creating Social Impact in Business


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